Tame your Telescope

Tame your Telescope
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  • Plats: Gingin, WA
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Let us train you and your telescope to become a
well-oiled Observing Machine.

At the Gravity Discovery Centre & Observatory, our
Astronomers will teach you how to master your weapon of mass observation and
explore the cosmos.

What you will learn:

  •  What type of
    telescope and mount your own

  • How to set up your
    telescope - the right way.

  • Your scopes limitations
    (what you can and can't see)

  • How to find things - the
    Moon, the Planets and beyond

  • Eyepieces - What type
    and what magnification to use

  • Accessories to help you
    on your Cosmic journey

  • What if I want a bigger

Join our experts and start your journey into the
Universe today.