Astronomia Photographica

Astronomia Photographica
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  • Duração: 480 Minutos (Aproximadamente)
  • Localização: WA
  • Código de produto: HSV

Astronomia Photographica is a four week course on introductory Astrophotography.

It is designed to help assist the beginner understand how to successful

  • Understand and utilise the Capabilities of their Camera 

  • How to set up their camera

  • Understand how to compensate for the Earth’s rotation during long exposure imaging

  • How to “stack” multiple images increasing the Signal to Noise ratio

  • Process their images using processing software free off the internet

It will also teach the student Three types of Astrophotography:

  • Astro Scape Imaging (Land and Sky combined)

  • Wide Field Imaging (Multiple, Tracked Images of the Milky Way and

  • Deep Sky Imaging (Multiple, Tracked Images of Deep Sky Targets such as Star
    Clusters, Nebulae and Galaxies).