Rocket Science for Teens

From AUD $13.50
  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Gingin, WA
  • Product code: PMWBE0

Rocket Science for Teens is designed to challenge teenagers aged 13-17 and help them to understand the basics of rocket science, by exploring concepts such as Newton's Laws of Motion; the Tsiolkovsky rocket equation and the science of propulsion. They will also watch a chemical rocket launch demonstration. Participants will also make their own water rockets.

Due to the installation of our MathsAlive! exhibition, our Discovery Gallery won't be open over the holidays. All our other galleries, including the tower, will be open. Due to this, our entry requirements have changed. Only the children who are participating in our school holiday programs are required to be paid for. All accompanying adults are allowed free entry. If you have already paid for your adult ticket, please see us on the day of your visit and we will refund you.